MASERGY provides managed, secure virtualized network services to enterprises that have complex needs across multiple locations. Its integrated network and software solutions enable its customers to seamlessly deploy and manage IT applications such as video, voice and data, on a global basis.

MASERGY is recognized by the industry’s top analysts and observers and has redefined the global networking industry by providing exceptional network performance, reach and scalability. Enterprises require improved network speed, performance and reliability over longer distances to meet the increasing requirements of business applications over time.

The scalability and high performance of Ethernet over longer distances, is driving the adoption of Ethernet as a WAN technology. Large multinational enterprises are increasingly seeking to build ‘all Ethernet’ networks across the globe, enabling the extension of LANs across fully accessible Ethernet WANs.

MASERGY was the first service provider to offer Ethernet as a global service, and leverages that experience to help businesses deploy Ethernet WANs around the world. Masergy delivers global Ethernet services to any business location regardless of the availability of native local Ethernet facilities.

MASERGY delivers a superior network experience for mid-size to large enterprises and redefines global networking for the enterprise through advanced technology, customer-controlled tools for predictable network performance and reliable attention to enterprise needs and satisfaction.



•  Business Continuity Port
•  Hosted Services
•  Managed Firewall
•  Managed Router
•  Private IP
•  Public IP
•  Video QoS
•  Voice QoS