GSG’s Business Solutions Include:


A solution that layers comprehensive savings services over a proprietary SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform to achieve and maintain a streamlined, cost-optimized wireless environment.



A program that utilizes a unique and highly meticulous methodology to build a clean, site-based wireline inventory and locate cost take-out opportunities above and beyond industry standards.


Professional Services

Leveraging a unique onshore/offshore delivery model, GSG offers a suite of best-in-class services designed to help your organization better control and streamline its telecom costs.


If GSG’s technology is the vehicle of its success, its people are the fuel that drives it. In 2003, our company built the first offshore center dedicated solely to TEM services, which now houses 200 telecom and IT specialists. At this state-of-the-art facility in Pune, India, trained telecom analysts utilize rigorous process management methodologies to ensure unmatched levels of quality in handling telecom expenses, procurement and inventory management functions on behalf of GSG clients.

GSG’s uniquely effective cost reduction capabilities have attracted a client base that includes Coca-Cola, Iron Mountain, BAE and other Fortune 500 notables. Our client roster also features firms from the top echelon of telecom expense management, including the world’s largest systems integrator.

By choosing GSG, you’re choosing a reliable, cost-effective path to telecom expense reduction and control. Our painstaking optimization of complex telecommunications networks, together with the seamless automation of business processes, allows your business to enjoy greater efficiency, increased productivity, and cost savings that directly impact your bottom line. Founded in 2003 by telecommunications industry veterans, GSG is a global leader in multi-shore telecom analytics. We combine powerful web-based intelligence tools, time-tested processes, and a dedicated team of domain experts to help today’s businesses solve their toughest telecom expense challenges.