Voice and Data Wiring


When installing phone lines or circuits to a customer premises, the Local Exchange Carrier’s obligation to terminate the phone lines or circuits ends at the building’s minimum point of entry. It is the customer’s responsibility to extend those phone lines and circuits into their suite, telco room or server room. Let ROI Communications Corp, thru its partnership with Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. can take that responsibility off your hands. Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. is an industry leading company specializing in the design and installation of communications cabling. It is our collective mission to deliver economical, efficient and flexible voice and data distribution services in commercial buildings. ROI Communications Corp and Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc offer our customers the following services:


The ICS team includes highly trained Project Managers, RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designer), network designers and skilled technicians who specialize in applying this vast knowledge base to your specific business and networking needs.

Some of the advantages of having a BISCI certified RCDD on our staff include:
• Adding a unique level of knowledge to our organization, helping to assure steady control of projects and programs
Access to a steady flow of professional, technical and industry information. By virtue of the status of active RCDD, we know the way around the maze of the ever-changing world of industry codes and regulations. Armed with this knowledge and information, we can minimize the impacts of changes, updates and revisions in the telecommunications industry standards.

In order to insure our customers current and future business needs are met, Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. will work with you on a comprehensive analysis and design process. It is through our understanding of your business objectives, site surveys and technological needs that we are able to assess your current network and recommend integration and possible upgrades. All of ICS installations and design recommendations are compliant with EIA/TIA standards.

It is for these reasons, Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. is able to design a network configuration based on our customer’s specific technical, functional and financial needs.
Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. is a professional voice and data wiring installation company. Our expertise and knowledge of cabling systems offers the customer a quality installation engineered to enhance their current systems with the flexibility to upgrade for future needs.
As an independent vendor, we are able to analyze your current applications and supply you with the best premise wiring installation in a cost effective manner. We pride ourselves on timely management of projects to ensure your system is on-line at time of cut-over.
Effort is a large part of what Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. offers. Our cabling is 100% tested, guaranteed, and conforms to EIA/TIA Standards. We supply documentation of the cable plant to make future moves, adds, and changes easier.
In the changing times of business, understanding the present and future needs of voice and data technology can be the key to success. Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. is the single source for your professional wiring needs

Voice/Data Cabling
At Innovative Cabling Systems, our communication experience encompasses all major voice and data structured cabling systems. Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. commitment to our customers will insure ongoing success of the voice and data network.

Innovative Cabling Systems, Inc. provides an extensive line of interbuilding and intrabuilding services:
• Site surveys to determine needs
• Technology audit of existing systems
• Concept and design of cabling systems
• Installation, testing and certification of the cabling